Today has been a rough day where I have had my patience tried and tested by those “outside” people as I call them that are not really nice at all.

I have then come to realise that I have neglected my blog, and somehow can reach out to the outside world tucked away somewhere in a peaceful and quiet place.

One thing I have learnt of late is that people will lie, scam and cheat to benefit themselves.

They will use your kind nature and vulnerability to their own advantage, they will manipulate any situation, and use your upset as a trophy!!!

My only thoughts are in dealing with these narcissistic people, is to keep in your mind that you know calma is on it’s way around in some shape or form.

I suppose my point is, is that we are individuals, we are not sheep….. these people want followers, not those with their own thoughts and dreams…..

Don’t let these people crush us, decent people like you and me.

We will stick together, everyone is an individual, everyone has a dream, and if your reading this, I hope this finds you well……

I am glad I have been able to turn to a place and space where I can write my thoughts, as I’m sure we can all relate to today’s blog.

If your reading this keep going, follow your thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Keep busy, keep believing and don’t give up!!!

Good night, lot’s of love, Lady Jade xxx